Love Spells and Passion Spells

Loving spells – any kind of specialist spell for love. Love spells to get your lover back, or a love spell to make your family accept you as you are. When making any kind of love spell it is important that the spell maker knows exactly what kind of love you wish to engage with. A passion spell is not one you would use on your brother if you wish to make him accept and love you – equally, a loving spell that you place on your mother to accept your new child is not the same type of spell you would use on your boyfriend to bewitch him into marrying you.

Many of the free love spells that you see on the net are merely play things – silly spells to make you feel good – a powerful love spell needs to be crafted in such a way that it is like an arrow – focusing on exactly what you hope to achieve with the potion or curse. When you contract a healer or witch to make a spell for you, and they do not ask very specific questions about you and the one who the spell will be placed on – you can be sure that they are not really proper spell makers. How to make a spell is not something you learn off the Internet, or by reading a few spell books. The art of crafting a strong love spell is in the details – there are so many kinds of love … for instance a happiness spell is very similar to a love spell, as is a joy spell or a commitment spell. They are shades of the same emotions, but if you do not get the right spell you may find your self with a situation you are not prepared for.

Often people will seek a love spell – not realising that what they want is a happiness spell – they think that by casting a spell on someone else – that person will bring them happiness – this is wrong thinking – what you need is a joy spell or a happiness spell CAST ON YOURSELF. This way your happiness is not dependant on another – a powerful witch or sorcerer will know this – and he or she may ask you to visit a psychic healer first, so that they may be able to delve a little deeper into what is making you unhappy. Of course, if the African healer is just after money, they will never suggest you see someone else, nor will they really try and find the root of your unhappiness or why you are so desperate to have someone else show their affection for you, when they know full well that this is a self image problem. A simple affection spell is only really used if your husband needs a little prompting – it is not a hugely powerful spell and can be used quite safely – whereas a powerful love spell, if cast incorrectly, or used for the wrong reasons, can, and will, create more problems than it is worth.

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