Stop Love spells – stop abuse now!

Often you will need a “stop love spell” this is like a protection spell – and is used to counter a love spell that has been cast on you or someone in your family. This can be a very dangerous spell if used incorrectly – you do not want to stop all of the love the person is receiving just the curse.

Another mistake the uninitiated make is using a stop love spell when they are being abused by a spouse or a parent (in the case of young people being abused). This is not the right spell to use. The mistake comes because you think that the abuser loves you – not true - true love would never hurt or abuse – what is needed is a powerful protection spell, a stop abuse spell – or a fear spell – a fear spell is cast upon the abuser, along with a protection spell on the abused – together these two spells will make the abuser very fearful of you. He will have no choice but to stop his or her nonsense.

Using double spells is only advised in extreme cases, they are complex magic and as such require a really skilled witch or sorcerer. They also can go wrong more easily than a simple single spell. If you are offered a double spell by a healer or sangoma make very sure that they are powerful and respected. If you are a child you should not be buying spells or dabbling in witchcraft – before you consider an abuse spell – you need to find a trusted adult and tell them about the abuse – if there is no one in your family you can trust go and see a trusted teacher or a trusted friends parent. As scary as it is – it is a lot better than being abused.

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